The tumor is back. Tremor.

Semalam babah msg. Suruh buat solat hajat. Suruh balik kalau boleh.

Do you know how does it feel to hear that? Why do you have to make my stomach flips for 4 hours? Seriously that is not fun.

So after 4 hours (aku estimate je), baru la dia nak bagitau hal sebenar.

Tumor kat kepala mama datang balik. This time dia tak nak operation. Dia nak terus ke kimo.

Doc akan suruh operation sebab kimo wont really work in brain.

Dear God, what is your planning to us? Do You want to test my Faith to You? You know how I Believe in You. But Sir, during some highly stressed moment, my Hormone will be flunctuate. You design that to me and Im sorry because I cant control it. But God, please, why?!

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