I shoul get back to business, And Physics Night

Her condition are getting better. Just now on this afternoon, she done the Physiotherapy. Sebab dia still susah nak balance masa berjalan. Its quite normal since sedikit otak dia mungkin terganggu and for sure the fluid inside there belum balance.

After a month, she will start the  Chemotherapy. But this time, no MP3-therapy Radiotherapy. Yeah..she just sit there and listen to the radio, since chemotherapy is a therapy based on chemicals. Haha.

She expect to get back to work in 6 month. I wish to quite this study and replace her place. Maybe I dont want to continue in master..yet. Philosopher Doctor? Belum sampai seru.

Well, I guess I have to be mean. I must restart the booster. And it seems I need to see Dek Non (Pedo  term for Dr.Zainol. You'll be suprise to know that there a lot of nicknames we given  to the society of UM) regarding the Physics Night. I need to start "ribut otak" (or "otak ribut"..wait, is it brain-storming? Then it should be Meributkan Otak. Waduh-waduh, kok bingit saja kamu ini).

Anyone who wants to be a Production Team, please tell me. And please, give respond and show some attitude.

Come on!! We are late about 6 month guys! Physics night should be on Sem 1, not 2. This is embarrassing my batch.

The Idea of 5th year (batch 05/06) was amazing. I envy them. And please support if there were t-shirt to be sell.

God! This week was really excruciating. Urgh..


u know who said...

jgn lupakan bdk perempuan~...

Vulpine Ninja said...

jgn abaikan budak pompuan cam time puasa hari tu. salah faham kang.

ok. aku angkat tangan nak jadi ketua publisiti >D

Myth said...

haha~~ tadi aku nak jumpa dr.zai. tapi dia bz...esok la kot baru jumpa.