Lectures #2. Heart

Its been a long week. A lot of things happen. And its a good things.

I having a new life. A new year without resolution is great. You'll be surprised with your changes because you did not see its coming. And Surprise is good for you and the people around you.

I am sticking to my Principe.
Make an effort for the best and expect the worse. Negative is good because it has no faillure.

I wake up early. Im having a breakfast. The day just feel full of it.

But something missing from my heart. Im becoming greedy. It feels like I deserve what I want. What I have in hand, it just feel it wasnt enough. Damn it.

The truth is, in this life, how can You know whats the best for You?

You are not God to justify it,. You cant see the future, at all. So then how are you going to know it?

Follow Your heart?
Don't lend me your hand
I can't trust my self
So how can you trust me?
- Demons, Avanged Sevenfold

What is your heart? Do you believe it?

I only believe in God. I cant believe in my heart and my decision.

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