Twilight Trivia II

Why am i get hang with  this novel? This should explain it, a lot.

Well, aku akan salah kan syamim and kak bell. The way they talk like the novel was the greatest epic. Its not, its sucks. I read it only because i wish the are spin in the end end. But its not. It never meant to be.

I wish the director of the movie could make it interesting...

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fnd sam said...

hahaha i'm glad you like it.

but srsly? aku tak heran kak bell, but syamim? SYAMIM LIKES IT?
Oh God... that's so gay. LOL

aku tak sampai separuh jalan baca twilight, dah letak tepi. awal2 dah rasa cliche. Last2 aku baca kat wiki je sinopsis. Dari situ pon aku dah tau novels tu not worth reading.