Hear Me, Hear Me

Terus terang la kan, aku ada beberapa benda yang nak dipostkan. Tapi aku takde mood nak menaip.

Lately semua jadi fakap. 

Some said after 3 times bad luck, then 'good' luck is on your side.

Some said "Bawak la bersabar, sabar k? Tabah ek?"

Some said  "Tuhan bagi kau hidup lagi supaya kau ada masa untuk bertaubat"

Some said " Ni semua nak cuci dosa awak yang dahulu"

Some said "Tuhan ingat kat kau, dia bagi la ujian banyak-banyak"

And the most popular answer is by using God. We always use GOD.


Because it was easy, so that let God help you get through the trouble

"Hey, dont ask me. Im not the one who put you under this. Its God. So talk to to Him. Go and solve it with God. Im not going to interfere. Blablabla..talk to the hand buddy, not my problem"

Because once you said it, then the one who facing the problem will cant argue it.
Yes, no one want to be seen as anarchy, as radical, as secular and whatnot.
And who can blame what we must believe?
And for people who doesnt fall into the pitch, please appreciate and dont complain bout your tiny problem.

Honestly people.
We can all say behind a black cloud there is a silver line.
Setiap yang jadi ada hikmahnya.

And it will be true due to any possibility, as we are human.

And I claim that is the habit of us who like to escape by reasoning.

For we are as human, some were made to be black sheep for the balance of the world.

And for cry out loud, some might say
"Stop whining bitch, thats your problem, not any of us. Everyone has their own problem"

You are right.
You are very right indeed, forget the Heisenberg Uncertenties.

P/s: The day that you doesnt feel worth to living is the good day to die

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