Light Mumble in Wet evening.

Life is giving me pressure and literally, pushing me to eat more, damn it

And I feel like eating people these day

And nothing feels good than smoking these day!!!
Ada masalah? Isap Okok dulu

Feel like sexy and kinky? Isap okok lagi sexy

Rasa cam nak gaduh? Kumpul tenaga dengan isap okok dulu

I had a lot to say. But I just keep my mouth shut because I cant think.

For now, lebih baik kita berdiam diri.

Last week ayah aku masuk balik hospital. Haha, bilik sama, segan kowt jumpa guard dgn nurse yang sama.
And yeah, this year present was sleeping on the chair, damn it, 1st time aku tak countdown.

Childish? Hell, yeah I am.

Setahun sekali kot, apa salahnya aku nikmati hari tu?
Lagipun its like a hell for the last 2 month, cant i just get a piece of peace a while?

Things just great honey.

Asalkau cantik sangat??!!!

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