Quote to remember

"Dont worry, your dad now is in the good hand"
-Professor Dr. Zainol Abidin Ibrahim
(I wont mistakely your name like what happen in Physiscs Night, i promise you)

"Life is about solving problem, and remember, you are not the only one who have problems. I see other cases quite similar like you, and lot of them succes. You need to believe in and focus. I believe in you. Kalau you ada problem, you just datang jumpa I. Nanti kita boleh discuss. Dont worry, we are still in early semester"
-Professor Dato' Dr Mohd Rasat
(I know he quote somewhere...but cant relate in where. He suprised me a lot. First time berbual dengan dia face to face and dia sangat friendly, down to earth, dah la umur sama dengan bapak aku walaupun rambut dah putih cam Einstein. He is not a lecturer, not a father, but a friend. Yes ill go visit him more for Solid State)

"Kau jangan ngada-ngada nak drop eh? Kau amik subjek Biofizik ni, kekalkan subjek-subjek lain"
"Tapi doktor, tarikh takde gap, bahaya tu"
"Ha, itu la kau. Kau ingat aku ni dulu lepas ekolah terus jadi lecturer? Aku tahu la camne jadi student ni. Dah Yang ko gi cummulate semua blajar last minit sapa suruh? HIsh...camni, kau belajar la dari awal. Rileks la..kau boleh punya"
-Dr. Zulhazrin Zainal Abidin
(He is not a lecturer, metaphorically. He is a brother. Ok, technically and by black and white he is Biophysics lecturer)

"You really have a hectic life right babe?"
"Well, dont you know that hectic was my middle name? Noorkhallaf 'Hectic' Noorazlan"
-Zuraidah Zulkifli
(I just have no idea why I put this quote, but it just keep hitting me. And she call me babe, along with Siti Mariam Samin)

"You must do what you feel right. I use to travel 2hour just to go to UM before when i was an undergraduate. You are a man, You must be strong."
-Associated Professor Dr. Chin Oi Hoong
(She is a mother, my PA. I never fail came to her every semester. Duh, if I did sengaja lupa, she just keep find me. And Its like our fate, we just meet to much accidently in the corridor. She have a good insticnt)

"Hang on bro, anything just let me know"
-Gay Jay Xavier John
(Another friend, another brother)

"Hmmm....shedap shayang...Shayang buat apheee.... "
- Zulfazli 'PhedoFilia' Rosli
(An ex-roomate, ex-gay partner, a friend and a brother)

"Weh, asal susah sangat nak jumpa sekarang ni?"
"Dah korang tak nak sama subjek dengan aku...lagi pun aku kan ketinggalan...kena buat 5tahun"
"Ah, sengal kau. Weh, bapak kau ok?"
-Mohd Radzie, Mohd Ifwat, Mohd. Fadhullah, Mohd Farezzuan, Mohd Ikhwan Shafiq,
(Brothers band)


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Another one : Alaf, anything just let me know ya. Hang in there, cousin :))

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An honour if you do :D

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