Returning step by step, like baby step, not step-mother

Today he was discharge from hospital. This time, the doc says it was his kidney. So, more medicine in our cabinet today. The scenery of chemical never was an eyesore as today.

He was back with a bang!

He just find out things bout Mama.

What happen to her?

Last saturday, when I was at hospital Selayang, taking care of him, she fall down. Not on face thank God. But she fall on her back and somehow her head was hitting the table.

Concussion? No, But they tell me she blood like hell. The wound was about 3cm long. Luckily not deep. 

They rush her to the hospital, after a few minutes,ok, it was more than 10minutes. As they arrive to the Ampang Puteri, they do an immediatie CT-Scan under Dr. Muin direction. They detect nothing. Then, they decide not to do any stitch.

Is it a big deal to fall down and bleeding on the head?

Well, if you are one healthy person, I dont mind. Please, go ahead. Wounds will make you stronger and wiser.

But she was 47..and she has tumor on her brain. Yeah. Done two operation removing the tumor in time of one year, now the tumor is back (its not now, its like, 5 months ago), bigger. The rest please go to the previous entry.

Today she had an appointment to the hospital. After check up, they call Dr. Muin again to do the stitch. I just wonder why now they decide to do it. I really wonder. And it must be Dr. Muin who do the stitch since he was like Mum's personal Doc. Cant fight that.

Today, seems like one of the longest day in my life.

Went to UM at 7.30am and reached there by 8.00am. Usually with the traffic and my egoistic of not using Federal Highway, Im using Bukit Bintang,continue in Jalan Kuching, continue in Jalan Bangsar before reach UM. But thanks to our goverment, they finally decide to use our money and build the flyover there. Hey, Im a tax-payer since 5years ago,dont mess it.

The flyover save me up to 10minutes of "scoot"-ering. I feel satisfied to see some of our money are used wisely. 1 step of wise thought may hide 1000 hideous mistake. How was that? Make the wise seems grand.

So, back to my story I was traveled with my almost decade scoot almost 100km today. Boleh kira musafir kot. 

From home to UM, then to Amcorp Mall, then to Kerinchi, Back to UM, straight to Ampang Puteri, go to Hospital Selayang, went back to home,then back in UM ( please add up 5minutes for salah jalan. I was tired, dont you judge me), then went back to home.

On the Sunday..from home to Rawang, to Selayang, to home. 

Some said, thats no big deal.

Have you really do that?

Try,it was a nice experience. And yeah, if your bike is about1,2 years old, thats disqualified. If you are pembonceng, you are disqualified. If you are on car, you are jack ass. 

No, i wasnt angry, seriously. I found that it was a great way to train your rempit skill. Do you know how fuck up is MRR2 on weekend? It never get old. Try on evening for maximum result.
Challange yourself, how fast can you be.

And some how it feel the engine sound smoother. I dont know why.

Let me start blogging back step by step dear. Wait for my revival. For now, maybe its personal. But let me restart it step by step..please..

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