Beneath Ever After

Every fairy tail will have an ending that says,

Happily Ever After

Well, do they?

Kalau hidup simple macam tu...seronok kan? But we all live bonded by karma.
This few picture just a spinn off, but maybe boleh gelak-gelak sikit, and really thinking a bit, do happily ever after really existed?

Snow White, well, kahwin dengan putera raja doesnt solve anything.

Kalau tak silap aku, dari Beuty and the Beast. But spin off here doesnt ring any bell.

Ariel Peterporn, haha, memang sadis

Cinderella, what if dia tak pergi test kasut tu or ada orang lain yang sama saiz kasut dengan dia?

Goldstein. An epic if she had to go chemotheraphy

No, Aladdin and Genie cant be real, but Jasmine will always be

What if the princes never want to wake up?

Can you guess from which story they were came from?

Ok, post ni memang takde motive apa pun..saja je nak share something. Lagipun raya dah nak dekat. See..memang takde kaitan.



Neko D. 13 said...

a'a ek...betul jugak

Myth said...

suh r milah buat spin off citer dongeng klasik...

Neko D. 13 said...

bosan kot sebab nt citer klasik tu jadi macam sinetron indon

Myth said...

suruh la dia modenkan...