Letter to Mama and Babah

Lanjutan dari kes pointer dan result yang teruk.

My parents ask me again why do I get it sux.

I told you million times its due to my absents in class due to the toothache. I cant do anything about it.

And I feel study is really an emotional burden.

I feel very lonely.

Seriously in our family, who I can look up?
Most of the friends in Um, they had a family members that have at least the Degree. But me? Im lack of motivation.

And the family problems always make me feel like " I shouldnt be in the class. I should go work and have more money"

You guys doesnt really understand the burden. This struggling, this envy, this loneliness. Its sucks.

I know you guys work really hard for us. But try to understand. You guys wasnt really know what Im trying here dont you?


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