Nothing is romantic than this

Prepare for trouble. 

 And make it double. 
To protect the world from devastation. 

 To unite all people within our nation. 
 To denounce the evils of truth and love. 

 To extend our reach to the stars above. 


Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light. 
 Surrender now or prepare to fight. 
 Meowth. That's right.

I had no idea, at all.


milah hasan said...

jessie~ james!! :D

Neko D. 13 said...

likes this :D

dorg sweet weh...

Myth said...

haha~~balst off at speed of light
Surrender now or prepare to fight.

tu la, bila dah besar ni baru la nampak romantisme diorang....huhu

hellioz said...

comel dow
sumpah gwa ske mase knk2 dulu
skunk gwa budak2 je

Myth said...

xpe,ko dah anak cucu pun stilboleh suka gak. Xde nak larang.

hellioz said...

justkhai la...
g google sane

Myth said...

owh...psl veteren dgn pelapis baru?